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Office workers prefer video to voice

Real-time information sharing and video communication are key to driving employee engagement, with 72% of office workers in the UK and USA agreeing that video calls are more effective than voice calls for work-related communications.

Based on a survey of 2,000 workers in organisations with 500+ employees, the Generation Now report from Kollective reveals that 64% trust a message more if they can see the person speaking and 60% find visual content easier to digest and understand than written documents and communications.

Almost half (46%) say they don’t have either the time or the inclination to read long emails or documents.

Dan Vetras, CEO of the enterprise video technology solutions provider, said: “Today’s workers place a high value on seeing the people they are communicating with across their organisation. With increasingly dispersed and mobile teams, engineering that face-time and real-time connection is critical, particularly with executive teams… Video communication not only means that information is transmitted in an accurate and a timely way, but ensures workers are communicated with openly to benefit employer-employee relations.”

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