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SEH’s new USB Device server tested

Make the most of your network with the SEH myUTN-2500 USB Deviceserver

The myUTN-2500 USB Deviceserver from German company SEH  is a very useful accessory that makes virtually any non-network USB device (e.g. hard drive, MFP, scanner, security camera, microphone) visible on the network and available to network users.

Once a device is plugged in and assigned an IP address, it can be accessed from any network PC running UTN Manager software.

Setup is relatively simple (despite the generally poor instructions), but even so it is probably best done by an in-house IT expert as it requires public access administration rights. SEH UTN Manager client software lets you add the server and attached devices to the network and, where necessary, assign IP addresses and allocate ports.

Once you have assigned an IP address to the myUTN-2500, plug the devices you wish to network into a USB 3.0 port on the back of the server and configure them through UTN Manager software. These will now appear on your network.

To access a connected device, simply run the UTN Manager software on your PC and select the device you want to use.

The myUTN-2500 can really enhance your network by enabling you to connect and share USB devices that would previously have needed to be attached directly to a PC or laptop. It lets you extend the usefulness of existing devices and gives you the flexibility to put your security camera stream on the network or even add your telephone system.

Up to three devices can be connected at any one time, with full encryption, port control and password access (if required), all managed via manager software running on Windows , Mac OS or Linux networks.

The myUTN-2500, built in Germany with a noticeably high build quality, comes with a 36-month guarantee. This can be extended online, if required.

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