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Case study:

IT services company CMI has built its success on a close working relationship with RMM provider Kaseya

With offices in Belfast, Bracknell, High Wycombe and London, CMI provides a wide range of IT services, including infrastructure design, IT system implementation and support.

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) has been integral to its success since the company was founded in 2009. In fact, it could be argued that it was significant even before then, as the company was formed from the acquisition of two firms that didn’t have an RMM system in place.

There was no way the new company was going to operate without one, as CMI Managing Director Ken Roulston explains.

“An RMM system was a key requirement for our business and since the formation of CMI, we have used Kaseya as the basis of our remote monitoring and management capability. Knowing Kaseya is the market leading supplier of RMM solutions made it our first choice, and from there our relationship has grown to incorporate the full range of Kaseya IT Complete products,” he said.

Roulston adds that CMI’s adoption of Kaseya products has grown in parallel with the growth of the company, with the success of one feeding that of the other.

“Since 2009, we have seen significant growth, taking our turnover from less than £2 million to more than £5 million and expanding our employee base from fewer than 20 staff to about 50 employees. We have seen operational efficiencies improve by more than 20% and we now manage more than 5,000 endpoints. As our company has grown, we have increased our adoption of Kaseya’s products and been able to expand our own offering to customers,” he said.

Endpoint management


CMI started out using Kaseya’s VSA endpoint monitoring and management system, which provided the unified management, comprehensive visibility and scalable automation needed to install, deploy and update all software remotely. After a few years, it began to add other solutions provided by Kaseya, to the point where today CMI uses the full stack of Kaseya IT Complete products. These include:

Kaseya Unified Backup and Cloud Backup solutions for backing up servers and desktop devices to an onsite appliance and off-site location, respectively;

Kaseya Antivirus, which simplifies the ongoing maintenance and security of CMI’s network and endpoints, saving time and IT resources; and

AuthAnvil, which enables single sign-on (SSO) to any application and protects company data by ensuring that only authorised users have access to sensitive applications and information.

More recently, CMI has added: NOC services for 24/7/365 support, which has enabled CMI to focus on high value services and strategic growth, rather than mundane, repetitive tasks;

IT documentation platform IT Glue, which allows CMI to put client information at technicians’ fngertips, leading to better technician load balancing; and

Kaseya Antimalware and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

Benefits of integration
Roulston says that having an integrated solution rather than a difficult-to-manage combination of disparate product offerings has been invaluable in enabling CMI to expand its service offering and reduce time spent fixing issues. Because more can be done remotely, there is also less requirement for engineers to spend time on customer sites. Above all, it has helped to generate additional recurring revenue.

“The ease with which Kaseya’s products can be integrated and managed has resulted in us building additional components into our offering as Kaseya brings them out. This has allowed us to benefit from learning capabilities and to offer new proactive services that lead to greater monthly recurring revenues,” he said.

Roulston added: “We have truly embraced Kaseya’s full suite of offerings and are deploying them as they mature and are ready to be integrated. This is driven by the ease of integration of the products and the improved productivity that arises as a result. We are continually looking at all of Kaseya’s products and it is our intention to use as many of them as possible because of the benefit of integration.”

Will to succeed
Lastly, Roulston points out that CMI has benefited from Kaseya’s eagerness for it to succeed, which manifests itself in the high level of support offered and a collaborative approach to product development.

“Kaseya accepts that its success is tied to our success and is very proactive in helping us to deploy new solutions as well as support existing ones,” he explained. “The quality of Kaseya’s products has continually improved, and we find the team at Kaseya to be very active in asking for input about what we want to see in products. They do their best to incorporate these suggestions into new releases and work with us to ensure we maximise the leverage we can get from any new products we bring to the table.”

Roulston adds that such openness extends to Kaseya’s senior management. “Easy access to senior decision-makers within Kaseya has strengthened our relationship. I find them to be very open as a partner. The major benefit to us is that they understand our business and are always willing to help us,” he said.

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