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Organisations struggle to close skills gap

Organisations are struggling to counter the widening skills gap within their workforce, claims CompTIA in its new report, Assessing the IT Skills Gap.

In a survey of 600 executives, nearly half (46%) said the skills shortage within their organisations had grown over the past two years.

The skills gap isn’t confined to IT but extends to marketing, sales and business development, operations, customer service, and accounting and finance.

Just one in three organisations has a formal process and resources in place to address the problem, with most depending on informal processes or no process at all.

Speed of innovation is one of the biggest challenges companies face in keeping their employees skills up to date and this show no sign of abating.

, said: “Organisations testing the waters with the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotics and other emerging technologies face even greater skills gaps due to the fast-moving nature of these innovations. It takes time for training materials to reach the market and for opportunities to gain hands-on experience to arise.”

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