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Outsourced IT support

Quentin Hoidge, Managing Director of QD Tech, talks to Technology Reseller about the value-add experienced IT engineers can bring to the channel


Hoidge discovered he had a knack with computers when he was 19 years old and very quickly carved out a successful career working for a number of IT support companies. Over time, he became disenfranchised with the whole approach and felt very strongly that there was a better way to support end-user clients, which prompted him to set up his own IT engineering company in 2000.

“I spent a few years going from client to client and simply sorting out IT-related problems. Engineers are highly trained specialists and client-facing, but I felt there was a lack of recognition for the role they played and wanted to do things differently,” he explained.

The company went from strength to strength and its focus on delivering a great customer experience paid dividends. “I always say that 90% of the job is fixing the client and 10% is fixing the kit. We can teach engineers the technical skills they need, but more important is for them to have the right approach and to instill confidence in the client,” Hoidge said.

In addition to providing IT support services, the company expanded to offer training, with Dipesh Solanki joining the team as Training Director. In 2006 they closed the training division and created QD Tech.

Solid foundation

QD Tech has been built on a solid foundation of IT engineering experience and is focused on delivering a wide range of skills to its clients and partners within the channel.

“Our product is our engineers and what we do is provide our partners with a comprehensive range of white label IT services, from cloud services, support, technical consulting and network services to rollout and deployment,” Hoidge stated.

The company has seven full-time engineers on the payroll but provides additional resourcing for large scale roll-outs as and when required. “We have a strong track record of provisioning, training and managing engineers and have delivered projects as far afield as New Zealand, America and Papua-New Guinea,” he said.

The two founders have almost four decades experience in providing onsite and remote support and are committed to imparting this knowledge to their engineers. “The IT industry can be a tough one to break into,” Hoidge said. “To some degree it doesn’t matter how well qualified you are, you need experience. With our background in training, we’re very successful at recruiting good people on short-term or temporary contracts, which gives them the experience they need to move on.”

Through strong partnerships and some impressive clients, QD Tech has continued to expand its engineer base. “Our previous background in IT training has allowed us to take graduates and mould them through hands on experience, into professional first- and second-line engineers. It’s very satisfying that a good portion of our young engineers do such a good job that they end up getting employed by the client at the end of the project,” he added.

Growth plans

QD Tech has recently recruited a sales director to support its growth plans. Hoidge said: “We have successfully built strong relationships over the past ten years. We’re reliable, deliver a great service at a competitive price and our partners know we’re here to stay.”

He added: “I firmly believe our knowledge is unparalleled and we provide high level specialist support that generally companies don’t have access to. Our plan now is to strategically grow the business and win more large scale projects. We’ve got a track record of winning business both direct and through our partners, and we want to build on that.”

Future plans include setting up a specialist call centre to serve as a first level IT helpdesk, which via the latest technology will also enable engineers to fix issues remotely. “Whilst the bulk of our work is conducted on a client’s premises, we’re keen to expand and provide additional services that include telephone support and break-fix in real-time to clients,” Hoidge said. “At the end of the day, we’re not here to sell hardware, we provide best-in-breed engineering expertise and that’s what we will continue to focus on.”

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