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Panasonic Connect IT360

The new PressIT360 is released from Panasonic providing a true meeting experience

The PressIT360 comes with a 360 degree camera and speakerphone which is packed with nice features to enhance and give you that true meeting room feel.

The IT360 truly supports a hybrid working environment being very versatile and easy to set up.

All you need to do is connect the USB-C cable to any laptop or PC and you’re ready to meet!

There is no need to set up and prepare any other equipment which can often be complicated and troublesome.

The IT360 comes with a variety of meeting modes which you can select depending on the situation:

  • dual view – 360 degrees view of room focusing on 2 people in the room
  • single view – focus on a single speaker
  • multi view – focus on up to 4 people in the room with person speaking highlighted by use of an indicator bar
  • surround view – 360 degrees view divided into 2 180 degree half screens
  • stable view – allows you to display the image with a fixed focus like a web cam perfect for focusing on things such as a whiteboard.


Five different video modes allow meetings to proceed with the camera layout best suited for communication.  For example, by using Multi view, a green bar indicating the speaker is lit on the
PC on the remote worker, making it easy to recognize the speaker. Remote work participants will be able to read the expressions on the office side of the room and know when to speak up.

multi view

The focus on the person speaking is automatically optimized according to the volume of speech and the length of the utterance. Focus may be delayed or not performed depending on the situation.

The slim shape and seamless fabric netting create a discreet appearance that is unobtrusive even when placed in the centre of a conference table or room. The camera captures the participants’ faces at an optimal angle of incidence without overlapping with the computer, so you can concentrate on the discussion without worrying about the equipment.

single view

There is a tripod mount for the base of the camera should you wish to elevate the IT360 in anyway.

The sound covers the entire room and the microphone adjusts to pick up sound from the person speaking to give a true unobtrusive meeting room experience with no drop out in sound quality. The technology works within a 5m radius seamlessly.

Diameter 64 mm (2.52″)
Height 285 mm (11.23″)
Weight approx. 950 g (2.1 lbs)

The IT360 also comes with a range of advanced features which allow you to tune your meeting depending on situation or circumstance.

More detailed settings, such as camera position adjustment and image quality changes, can be made on the laptop or PC.

The PressIT app built into the unit can be installed on a laptop or PC to perform detailed settings which include:

  • Display of camera images
  • Video control (zoom in/zoom out, tilt up/down, pan left/right) *May not work on some models.
  • Image quality adjustment
  • Speaker operation test
  • Firmware update and version confirmation.

Supporting operation systems for the PC app are Microsoft Windows (Windows 10/11) and macOS.

A true flexible device suited to work in any business environment the IT360 is must for any modern hybrid working environment.







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