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Partnering for success

Two Yorkshire IT companies, both closely aligned with enterprise cybersecurity giant Fortinet, are demonstrating the value of partnerships by strengthening each other’s product offerings. 

Managed IT specialist CloudCoCo, based in Leeds, is enhancing the cybersecurity offering provided by Huddersfield-based network guru Vapour and, in return, Vapour is strengthening CloudCoCo’s infrastructure with the addition of security-first SD-WAN connectivity.

Tim Mercer on the right

Vapour CEO Tim Mercer said: “Organisations, certainly in the larger SME market and above, don’t expect or want a vendor to be a ‘jack of all trades’ anymore.  They seek to place their trust in a small number of proven experts who will listen carefully to the brief and deliver exactly what the business needs. Partnerships, in this environment, are therefore key. But they have to be carefully formed, between specialists whose technologies, standards and cultures are on a par, with no exceptions.” 

One of the cultural similarities between CloudCoCo and Vapour is their leaders’ belief in their vision, which helped them overcome scepticism from vested interests. 

Mark Halpin said: “Tim and I share a similar back story and many values too – not least a passion for delighting customers with the help of progressive people and powerful technology that doesn’t have to be complicated. I was told I was cloud cuckoo for believing the managed IT sector had become slow, unresponsive, boring and broken, so in April 2018 I left my long-term job and built a company of agile, fiercely passionate and supremely talented cloud, cybersecurity, connectivity, hardware and hosted voice professionals.” 

Three years on, CloudCoCo has more than 1,000 customers, £27m in turnover and has made its first acquisitions, of acquired managed service provider IDE Connect and Nimoveri IT Support. 

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