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Pax8 extends access to SkyKick cloud automation platform

Cloud marketplace Pax8 has expanded its partnership with SkyKick into a global agreement to give MSPs access to its advanced Cloud Manager application for automating workflows and tasks to increase helpdesk productivity.

Ryan Walsh, Chief Operating Officer at Pax8, said: “As companies migrate more of their technology to the cloud, the number of licences and solutions MSPs manage will increase considerably. SkyKick’s solution and Pax8’s technology marketplace simplify the experience so partners can easily increase efficiency and productivity.”

Combining low-code workflow automation, real-time analytics and insights and automated activity logging, SkyKick Cloud Manager enables MSPs to administer several tasks from a single command centre, resolve tickets faster, automate complex workflows across cloud, hybrid and onpremises environments, and reduce the risk of security exposure.

Jan Kaan, EMEA General Manager and Director of Breadth Sales at SkyKick, added: “As IT service providers (ITSPs) around the world operate in this evolving cloud channel, they are turning to SkyKick automation to help them solve their operational and security complexities, reduce help desk support costs, strengthen security and improve customer satisfaction.”

Putting a price on efficiency

A six-month study into the total economic impact (TEI) of the Pax8 platform, programs and operations conducted by Forrester has concluded that MSPs that work with Pax8 can look forward to an ROI of up to 249% over a three-year period. This derives from cost avoidance and higher productivity in billing; channel programs and resources to help expand sales; and automation of ticket creation to improve the productivity of technical staff and lower support costs.

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