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Prioritise the customer experience for growth

Businesses that focus on the customer experience are more likely to outpace their competitors, argues Adobe in its Digital Trends 2018 Report.

According to its research, organisations that take a cross-team, customer-centric approach to customer-led initiatives are nearly twice as likely to exceed their business goals as those that don’t.

Similarly, organisations that employ tools to streamline workflows between functions are 62% more likely to achieve better business performance.

The study states that top-performing companies are almost four times as likely as their mainstream peers to have invested in a highly integrated, cloud-based technology stack that gives them a detailed view of the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition through to retention.

The report’s authors add that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly important factor, with organisations that use AI tools to create real-time personalised experiences for their customers being 50% more likely significantly to exceed their business goals.

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