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Profiting from SMEs By Mike Puglia, Chief Strategy Officer at Kaseya

MSPs must harness the power of SMB customers

In 2019, SMBs will continue to drive big technology growth and MSPs that don’t have an SMB-centric strategy in place will lose out. SMBs consume technology in a less expensive yet more efficient way than their larger counterparts and vendors and MSPs must offer products that are easy to consume and easy to do business with. Machine learning will also have a substantial impact on SME-facing companies, allowing them to operate at such a level of efficiency that they are able to offer their managed services at a lower price. We predict that these will be the most successful MSPs in 2019.

Continued growth for Microsoft in the MSP market

Over the last three years, Azure growth among MSPs has skyrocketed from 47% to 67% and is set to grow by even more next year thanks to two major factors: relationships and product familiarity. In terms of relationships, some MSPs have been working with Microsoft for 15 years and even have their sales rep on speed dial. Product familiarity means that starting over with AWS or Google Cloud Platform can be a daunting endeavour.

Microsoft is making it easy to move on-premises applications to Azure. It is not just building the infrastructure for MSPs to use, but also building the apps and services on top of that, making the transition to the cloud that much easier. In short, Microsoft owns the MSP market and its growth will continue in 2019.

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