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PTG launches closed loop IT refurbishment service

Leeds-based IT solutions firm pure technology group (PTG) has teamed up with S2S and launched a closed-loop refurbishment and recovery service for businesses’ old laptops, phones and tablets.

The zeroC scheme gives customers the opportunity to cut costs and shrink their carbon footprint by forgoing the purchase of new devices in favour of refurbished ones that PTG forensically cleans and updates with new SSDs, long-life batteries and software, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft MIP, InTune and and Teams.

PTG claims that refurbishing and buying a laptop through the scheme saves the equivalent of 250kg of CO2 and is 50% cheaper than buying a brand-new product. In addition, for every zeroC device purchased, PTG and S2S will plant a tree in the Amazon Rainforest.

zeroC scheme said: “At its heart, zeroC is all about the salvaging and reuse of IT equipment. Keeping tech running in an enterprise for longer. zeroC offers a cost-effective and ‘greener’ alternative to simply buying new.”

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