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Pure expands portfolio with virtual reality

IT solutions provider Pure Technology Group (ptg) has expanded its suite of tech services with the launch of pureVR, as it seeks to boost turnover by 30% in 2019-20.

Encompassing Augmented, Assisted, Mixed and Virtual Reality technologies, ptg’s VR proposition is built around three core elements: the Toshiba dynaEdge wearable device, for which ptg is one of three authorised UK partners; hyperVSN holographic emitter technology; and the firm’s own development, pureVR HR Induction.

PTG Group COO Cliff Fox said: “We believe that VR has a huge potential to enhance all organisations. It’s far bigger than just a gaming concept. This disruptive tech has the power to remould and improve the world of work as we know it – offering a revolutionary advantage for the education, training, maintenance, field service and retail sectors.”

The Google Glass-style Toshiba dynaEdge Assistive Reality device links to a Windows 10 wearable computer with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. Wearers have full control over the visibility, recording and schematics functions, enabling them to send real-time updates to staff based at the office and, if necessary, call for remote support.

The second element, hyperVSN, is claimed to be the world’s first ‘Integrated 3D Holographic Display System’. Providing a futuristic solution for the retail, design and exhibition markets, it combines hightech holographic projection units with a smart content management platform.

Finally, pureVR HR Induction, developed in-house by ptg, gives SMEs an HR Induction solution that works on smartphones and tablets, as well as optional headsets.

Pure Technology Group

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