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Quocirca Reports:  Print to be productive

Working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic is leading to less printing overall as employees pivot to digital collaboration, but employees who do still print are more likely to report productivity gains, reveals new Home Worker research from Quocirca. Key findings from its survey of 501 UK home-working employees include:

*77% of office workers based at home have access to a printer, though only 5% are supplied by their employer; 14% purchased a printer themselves when they started working from home.

*52% print less than they did in the office, including 24% who don’t print at all. More than one quarter (28%) say the amount they print has increased significantly.

*75% of new home workers say their productivity has increased (41%) or stayed the same (34%). Among those who report higher levels of productivity, 64% state that they are printing more vs. 30% who say they are printing less or not at all.

*41% of those who have reduced printing say they need fewer printed documents now that there are no face-to-face meetings or physical signatures.

Quocirca’s research suggests that office-based workers who may have been printing regularly out of habit are now adapting to digital alternatives. However, this trend varies by company size. While 44% of employees of large organisations have ceased printing entirely, this figure falls to 18% of SMEs and 10% of mid-sized organisations.

Quocirca Director Louella Fernandes said: “There is a concentration of printing among employees in mid-sized organisations. This may be because security policies at larger organisations prevent documents being printed at home.

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