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Rahi Systems set to transform workplace productivity with new DTEN D7 Board

Rahi Systems, a Global IT Solutions Provider have become one of the first companies to introduce the DTEN D7 Board to the European market. The company who expanded into Europe almost four years ago offer a full suite of solutions in physical infrastructure, storage, compute, networking, security, power and cooling, and audio/video solutions.

It was an innovative collaboration project between DTEN and Zoom, a leader in video-first unified communications, to combine the power of ground-breaking interactive hardware technology with best-of-breed software-based video conference room solution, Zoom Rooms. Rahi Systems quickly identified the product as one which has the potential to transform the future of the millennial workspace.

Workplace evolution is happening rapidly and the trends driving optimisation and productivity primarily involve the movement of physical tasks to digital spaces. The DTEN Board for Zoom Rooms automate and innovate the workplace allowing teams to easily meet and collaborate together face-to-face, from anywhere in the world, anytime.

Marcus Doran, Vice President and General Manager of Rahi Systems Europe explains, “Everyone is talking about tech trends that are driving workplace productivity, but a lot of companies are not necessarily in a position to deploy or invest in technology that improves their employee experience. This can be for a number of reasons and from interaction with our customers the reliability and cost of these tools is one of the main inhibitors. For that reason, we are excited to offer the DTEN D7 as it is a perfect fit for our product line that helps businesses overcome those traditional challenges in accessing technology that works for them.”

The benefits of whiteboard collaboration with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is a hallmark of all DTEN D7 models. The interactive board is just one of a number products and services distributed by Rahi Systems that are reshaping the millennial workplace of the future.

Key DTEN D7 Board features and benefits include its AI technology enabling automatic speaker tracking, face detection and lighting, audio environment adjustments, and one click wireless screen sharing. Rahi Systems are offering a limited free demo trial of this workplace tool to a select number of companies for a limited period of time and those who would like to get in participate are encouraged to get in touch by visiting
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