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Remote Working with innovaphone

The Fully-Fledged Workplace at Home

Flexibility is one major criterion when opting for a modern work and communication solution. Nowadays, many companies rather opt for the “Anywhere Workplace” instead of offering permanent office workplaces to employees. The significance of working remotely from home has increased even more so in recent weeks since functionality, availability and work processes can continue as usual, even in times of the corona crisis. The innovaphone solution is available either on premises, as a rental model or from the cloud and offers all the right tools so that employees can work remotely from home without any limitations.

Based on the innovaphone myApps platform, users can chat with colleagues, quickly set up video conferences and share their screens with other participants, view the presence statuses of their colleagues and check their voicemails. innovaphone myApps offers versatile telephony functions plus a fully-fledged Unified Communications solution that includes apps to work with and to communicate with, as well as apps for administrators. All apps can always be accessed via a unified interface and with any device. You can use your desktop computer, a mobile version via smartphone (Android or iOS) or your preferred browser while functionality of the innovaphone solution will always remain the same, no matter whether you opt for an on-premise installation where innovaphone myApps runs on a gateway (hardware or virtualized) or whether you obtain the innovaphone solution entirely from the cloud so that no hardware is required.

Administrators also benefit from the easy set-up and integration of new remote workplaces into the company infrastructure. Apps for the installation, configuration and administration of the innovaphone solution can directly be accessed and for example all the devices registered in the installation can be managed via the Devices app while the Alarms app indicates system errors and potential problems.

Borderless communication and mobility scenarios further place special demands on security and require special security measures. innovaphone solutions carry the quality seal “IT security made in Germany” and offer various security mechanisms. These include the innovaphone Reverse Proxy that detects and blocks attacks from the internet, the innovaphone Session Border Controller (SBC) for reliable protection as well as security protocols and two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

What’s more, customers have full freedom of choice when it comes to the commercial model: the entire innovaphone product portfolio is always available with the full set of features, no matter whether customers opt for the cloud, rent or buy innovaphone products and solutions.

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