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Retail Tech: JISP partners with Marin’s for digitised point-of-sale marketing and compliance solution

Jisp, an award-winning technology company, is teaming up with Marin’s Quad UK, a pioneer of the Point-of-Sale industry, in a ground-breaking collaboration for the UK convenience sector.

Combining Jisp’s innovative grocery shopping app with Marin’s bespoke in-store solutions, the Digitally Enabled Point-of-Sale, or DE-POS, will allow consumers to redeem pre-existing trade offers between FMCG brands and the UK’s major wholesalers simply by scanning QR codes with their mobile phones in thousands of convenience stores.

Thanks to Jisp’s granular and GDPR-compliant customer profiling, participating brands will finally have access to real-time data highlighting who is buying their products, where and when via seamless digitally enabled offers. The reports will directly correlate to ROI figures, enabling brands to analyse the success of the campaigns and hyper-personalise their future promotions.

Stephen Back, Sales Director at Marin’s UK Limited, said: “I am absolutely delighted to have agreed a partnership with Jisp whose revolutionary technology allows independent retailers to compete at the same level as major multiples. Introducing DE-POS, in collaboration with Marin’s Quad, will be of enormous significance to the UK convenience sector.

“Brands have been looking for a solution that helps them take control of their trade marketing spend whilst at the same time offering consumers an exciting mobile shopping experience. Our innovative range of in-store POS displays coupled with the Jisp shopping technology will revolutionise this space for all parties involved.”

DE-POS will also be able to monitor promotional compliance at a retailer level based on the amount of “QR scans”, with a potential to incentivise retailers that have actively engaged with a marketing campaign.

Julian Fisher, CEO and Founder of Jisp, said: “We are very proud to work with such an iconic company as Marin’s Quad UK as we continue disrupting and improving retail processes. With people finally embracing their freedom post-lockdown and shopping in stores, it is very important for brands and retailers to maximise customer engagement with their products and offers. DE-POS is a brilliant solution to give brands more visibility over their campaigns whilst ensuring marketing and sales compliance across participating stores”.

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About Jisp:

Jisp is an award-winning tech firm based in Alton, Hampshire, that offers best-in-class mobile marketing, shopping and payment solutions.

It’s the first UK company to remove the need for tills through the introduction of a frictionless shopping solution, utilising the NFC technology and barcode scanning. Shoppers receive instant product information, including allergens and reviews, and can pay securely via the app from anywhere, negating the queues.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Jisp prides itself in dedicating its efforts in helping businesses battle the coronavirus effects. It’s the most affordable and bespoke app in the market offering contact-free Home Delivery and Click & Collect services to any retail and grocery store. For restaurants, bars and cafés Jisp provides table ordering with instant payment, Takeaway and Home Delivery features.

From creating seamless customer journeys to engaging up to 100,000 players through its online interactive quiz ‘Engage’, Jisp’s innovative solutions empower markets to deliver the best customer experience.

For more details on everything Jisp has to offer please visit our website:

About Marin’s Quad UK:

 Marin’s is dedicated to creating, manufacturing and distributing innovative in-store solutions for brands and retailers across the world. We are specialised in developing bespoke point-of-sale displays for over 20 years and are the exclusive distributor of the renowned LAMà® Display.

In 2015, Marin’s integrated Quad, a recognized leader in print and marketing solutions. Our relationship is characterized by a unique compatibility; we bring decades of Point-of-Sale display expertise to Quad’s vibrant palette of solutions: from marketing strategy to content creation and campaign deployment, including manufacturing, to data analysis.

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