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Retailers invest in IoT

Retailers are investing in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to simplify, enliven and customise the shopping experience. Zebra’s 2017 Retail Vision Study shows that:

Retail firms to use 'real-time visibility'
Retail firms to use ‘real-time visibility’

77% of retail firms plan to use ‘real-time visibility’ in their supply chain to greatly reduce the risk of items being out of stock, with RFID platforms capable of boosting inventory accuracy by 95%;

25% plan to equip staff with mobile point-of-sale devices by 2021 to allow payment from anywhere in the store and to reduce queueing;

77% aim to make use of systems that show when specific customers are in-store so that they can customise their visit on arrival;

75% are looking into technology that analyses a customer’s in-store movements, so that they can provide real-time offers depending on where they linger longest or despatch a store assistant to serve them;

78% consider it ‘important’ or ‘business-critical’ to integrate e-commerce and the in-store experience.

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