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Riverbed Channel Predictions from Kirsten MacGregor, Head of Alliances and Channel Sales, UKI

Investing in training and technological innovation will be paramount  

“To succeed in 2023, it’s paramount that channel partners maximise the efficacy of their IT teams while supporting customers to do the same. This can be achieved by reinforcing their training programmes, leveraging the enablement programmes vendors offer, and freeing up senior team members so they can focus on more complex activities.  

“Unified Observability platforms will be a key enabler in this process. They leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to contextually correlate data streams and alerts enabling IT organizations to “shift left” empowering all staff to do the job of more experienced IT experts. As a result, more senior IT staff can focus on more strategic business initiatives, delivering better outcomes to drive an increase in profitability.”  

An accelerator mindset and digitising will set businesses up for the future 

“The events of the past few years encouraged businesses to adopt an accelerator mindset and digitise. Work from home became normalised and digital revenue channels offered continuity and opportunity. Doubling down on a digital first approach this year will create the opportunity for organisations to build and deliver new business models and revenue streams, by enabling innovative products and processes to go to market. This will deliver a competitive advantage for these companies as the market normalises in the future.”  

Disruptive tech is the order of the day, month, year 

“Amidst business headwinds, disruptive tech, which empowers companies to innovate and compete, will become the core enabler for growth in 2023. And, therefore, the focus of organisations’ investments. Automation, Machine Learning, Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Unified Observability will all help organisations make better and quicker business decisions, speed up time to market, and deliver differentiated customer and employee experiences. All within a permanent hybrid working world where scale and security have never been more important, nor complexity higher.” 

Organisations will sell complete business outcomes rather than products and solutions 

“Next year, driven by customer demand for more measurable results, organisations will embrace the idea of selling complete business outcomes, as opposed to products or solutions. Procurement teams will look to systems integrators and value-added partners to show a clear path to long-term business objectives. All while ensuring strong customer and employee user experiences, compliance maturity and delivering an enhanced security posture. Partners will need to deliver this in a complete manner; selling capabilities as part of a product-and-service ecosystem that guarantees customer success, while presenting a variety of opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. This selling shift will allow companies to appeal to a broader spectrum of disciplines, rather than just the traditional IT buyer.”  

‘True’ partners will be prioritised over transactional ones 

“Transactional partners that help vendors scale will always have a place at the table. However, over the next 12 months, vendors will focus more heavily on investing in channel organisations which show a desire and commitment to develop ‘true’ partnerships by joining the journey their vendors are on. This is thanks to customer focus on business outcomes, their desire for value addition, and the need to build sustainable revenue streams. Channel players who transition from fulfilment to becoming committed partners will see a whole host of benefits – including support to bid for the most lucrative projects – unlocked.” 

Kirsten MacGregor is Head of Alliances and Channel Sales, UKI @ Riverbed Technolog


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