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Robots take to the streets

Starship Technologies has announced the commercial roll-out of autonomous delivery services in the US, UK and Europe, following successful trials with Compass in the US. It expects thousands to be deployed by the end of the year.

Robots on the street
Robots on the street

Initially, it is targeting corporate and academic campuses, giving students and workers the ability to request deliveries of food, stationery and other items anywhere on campus via the Starship app.

In trials on Intuit’s 4.3-acre Mountain View campus, it took an average of 17 minutes for a Starship robot to deliver food, coffee or snacks, saving workers the time and inconvenience of having to break from work, walk across campus and stand in queue.

The most common Starship delivery item at Intuit has been breakfast sandwiches. “I normally miss breakfast because I’m in a rush on the way to work, but this service has allowed me to have breakfast again, by bringing it to me,” said Ha Ly, Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Intuit.

In addition to desk-side deliveries, which help employees be more productive, Starship Technologies claims its robots enable staff to make the most of the recreational amenities found on modern campuses, for example by delivering food and drinks to a basketball court or wildlife garden.

To date, Starship robots in 100 cities and 20 countries have covered more than 100,000 miles and encountered 15 million people along the way.

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