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Safer Working (2)- A selection of new products, apps and services for a more Covid-secure workplace

Antibacterial coating

An antibacterial, non-toxic nano-ionic silver screen coating that kills bacteria on touch and is resilient to heavy use and cleaning is one of the stand-out features of new models in BenQ’s RP Series of interactive flat panel displays for education and corporate environments. Others are built-in sensors that measure air quality in a room and signal when CO2 levels are too high; BenQ’s smart eye-care technology that protects against blue-light and flicker irritation; built-in EZWrite 5 collaboration software; and an NFC sensor in the front of each panel that allows users to gain access to any display within its network via an ID card or QR code, with users’ personal workspaces and display settings loading instantly (via the BenQ Account Management System). The new 4K models featuring Fine IR Touch for precise control are available in three sizes – 65in (RP6502), 75in (RP7502) and 86in (RP8602).


Beware space invaders

Beaconzone Ltd’s wearable-based Social Distancing Solution (SDS) gives returning workers the reassurance of automatic alerts – flashing lights and/or vibration – whenever social distancing guidelines are breached. The time and duration of any breach is stored for review and track & tracing should it be required. SDS is a stand-alone ‘out of the box’ solution with no ongoing subscription. An evaluation/starter kit consisting of two devices and a station is available for immediate purchase.

A sound investment

RATstands has used its expertise in the manufacture of sound protection screens for concert halls and recording studios to produce a new range of screens designed to prevent the spread of bacteria and maintain social distancing within any workspace or social environment. The portable, stackable, height-adjustable Rshield BioScreen is made at the company’s manufacturing facilities in London and Essex. RATstands is donating 10% of profits from the Rshield range to NHS Charities Together.

Thermographic camera kit

Heat seeking camera

D-Link has become the latest company to launch a thermographic camera kit for use at entrances to schools, hospitals, transportation hubs and office buildings. The DCS-9500T all-in-one, intelligent fever screening kit comes complete with dual-lens thermographic camera, blackbody calibrator and management software. It can screen up to 30 people at once, with a response time of less than 30ms and accuracy to within 0.3°C, and automatically raises an alarm if a high skin temperature is detected. Facial recognition enables it to identify individuals on a preloaded facial image identification database.

Odourless, non corrosive sanitiser

Long-lasting protection

New from Hi-line Industries, Hi-KLEEN is an odourless, non-corrosive sanitiser that not only kills viruses (including coronavirus) and bacteria on doors, handles, handrails, chairs, desks and other hard and soft surfaces, but also provides protection against further contamination for up to five hours. Hi-line claims active biocides in its BS EN 1276-tested formulation provide longer-lasting protection than alcohol-based preparations. It is available in 500ml aerosols and disposable 17kg canisters that can be used to spray-clean entire rooms.

cradlepoint Social_distancing_generic

Keeping tabs

IoT edge provider Rigado has launched a new ‘Safe Workplace’ IoT solution to help organisations monitor shared space use, desk occupancy, cleaning status, wayfinding and tracking and reporting on employee and contractor movement via badging and tagging. The system is built on Microsoft Azure IoT Central and utilises camera and sensor technologies to monitor compliance and automatically sends notifications when guidelines are breached. Cradlepoint wireless routers provide secure and reliable connections between Rigado IoT gateways and applications hosted in Microsoft Azure IoT Central.

Digital Waiter

Digital waiter

The AI-powered digital waiter and menu service helps restaurants, cafes and bars reopen in a Covid-secure fashion by removing the need for physical menus and by enabling customers to order food and drink on a phone rather than from a waiter. There is no need for any downloads – customers simply use their phone camera to scan their table’s QR code. This launches a digital menu with tap to order functionality and an AI-powered chatbot that can give advice and even make food and drink recommendations. Customers can use the app to exchange messages with restaurant staff or request someone to come over in person. Restaurants can enhance their digital menus with reviews of specific dishes, information on the provenance of ingredients, wine suggestions, video or text messages from the chef and even the ability to view the dish in front of you via augmented reality before ordering.

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