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Safer working

As shops and offices re-open, more IT and office products vendors are diversifying into products and services for a Covid-secure workplace

*Communications infrastructure specialist CHH CoNeX has provided more than 200,000 face masks and hundreds of thousands of bottles of hand sanitiser to field service engineers across the UK to ensure essential telecommunications maintenance work is carried out safely. It has provided the PPE to its own team of engineers, to other businesses involved in the supply, installation and maintenance of telecommunications networks and to key workers in telecommunications, warehousing, kitting, marshalling, logistics and final mile delivery

Keynote Employee Protection Systems

*ExaClair, renowned for stationery brands such as Clairefontaine, Rhodia, Décopatch and Exacompta, has started producing a range of PPE for use in offices, call centres, restaurants and retail outlets. The ExaScreen range includes protective screens with windows for customer interactions; clear desk partition screens for open-plan offices and classrooms; visors and facemasks with anti-bacterial and water-resistant properties; and signage products including standing and countertop sign holders and magnetic display pockets and clipboards to help communicate COVID-19 rules in the workplace.

*Specialist IoT distributor Alliot Technologies is partnering with German manufacturer Kentix to distribute its GDPRcompliant body temperature scanning solution in the UK and Europe. The Kentix SmartXcan uses thermal image analysis technology to provide a contactless body temperature measurement in less than one second. Available with or without an integrated RFID reader, the PoE-powered SmartXcan can be configured to work with an existing access control system.

*Packaging expert DS Smith has created a range of 100% recyclable cardboard separators to facilitate social distancing in industrial environments, offices, waiting rooms, retail outlets, schools, restaurants and public spaces. The barriers are selfsupporting, quick to assemble and can be replaced on a frequent basis, reducing cross contamination risks. Designs can be adapted for different customer needs and can be printed with logos and messages.



*Bakker Elzhuizen’s new U-shaped Safety Screens provide privacy and protection on three sides, with transparent acrylic windows to dispel feelings of solation. The PET felt screens are made from recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. They come in multiple colour options and are safe to wash with water or alcohol-based cleaning products.

*Perform IT has added a Covid-19 module to its sales management platform so that partners can create safe workplaces for their customers. The suite of sales tools already included a room planning solution to help technology resellers locate IT assets on a floorplan. The Covid-19 module builds on this by enabling businesses to redefine work areas, establish walking routes, set up waiting areas, locate information signs and disinfection dispensers and much more.

*In a partnership with Floralabels, OKI Europe is offering businesses and retailers free social distancing artwork and media so that they can print their own stickers, signs and banners on an A3 colour printer/MFP.



*Infection prevention and control expert Inivos has launched a back-to-work Workplace Infection Prevention Assessment to identify and address contamination risks, including COVID-19. The four-hour evaluation includes a questionnaire and site survey conducted over Zoom, Teams or Skype. It costs £599.

*Ubigreen has upgraded its Smartdesk solution to meet the concerns of businesses returning after lockdown. The Internet of Things solution uses sensors to analyse workplaces and inform employees which desks (and meeting rooms) have been cleaned and which have yet to be disinfected.

*Technology solutions specialist Avoira, created through the merger of Pennine, Co-Channel, Videonations and Rocom, has launched a range of fixed, turret, handheld and walk-through thermal detection camera systems to help organisations combat the spread of Covid-19. The AI-powered, non-contact solutions can scan individuals and groups of people, alerting operators when a high temperature is detected. Leasing options starting from £20 per week.

See articles published on 25th & 26th June for other Covid-19 products.

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