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Scaleway launches a new enterprise grade compute instance with guaranteed resource, high security, and exceptional performance/price ratio


  • Enterprise Instances is powered by new AMD EPYCTM 7003 Series processors, providing best in class performance and advanced security features
  • Unprecedented progress for the industry: Scaleway is the first provider to deliver 4x better performance vs. previous generations
  • The most powerful range of instances to be introduced by Scaleway ranges from ENT1-S with 8 vCPU & 32GB of RAM up to ENT1-2XL with 96 vCPU & 384GB of RAM for the most demanding workloads

London, UK – 8 June, 2021 – Scaleway, the leading alternative European Infrastructure and Platform as a Service provider, today launches its new range of dedicated computing resources: Enterprise Instances. Powered by high performance AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series processors, Enterprise Instances provides users with consistent raw power and continuous performance at an unprecedented performance/price ratio.

As part of Scaleway’s comprehensive public cloud ecosystem, Enterprise Instances is aimed at the global market and will be available initially at Scaleway’s environmentally-efficient Availability Zone (AZ) in Paris (fr-par-2), before being rolled out within weeks to Scaleway’s other AZ in Paris (fr-par-1), then Amsterdam (nl-ams-1) and Warsaw (pl-waw-1).

For Scaleway, security is never optional, which is why Enterprise Instances leverage key AMD technology, Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) technology: a security feature that isolates virtual machines from the hypervisor.

Scaleway is the only public cloud platform to offer Secure Encrypted Virtualization bundled by default.

No more “noisy neighbors”, with Enterprise Instances
resources are guaranteed and dedicated, highly secured, isolated, and up to 4x more powerful than previous general purpose instances. They come with an enhanced networking capacity of up to 20Gb/s and support Block Storage on root devices – a first for Scaleway – providing customers with improved flexibility, throughput and control features.


The new enhanced range has been developed in response to customer demand, accommodates the most demanding use cases and is ideal for automating tasks such as various daemon and robots, providing a seamless, unified and complete experience. Scaleway’s latest launch can be used in multiple cases, from free and fully managed Kubernetes and even a full range of VPC features.

For customers seeking exceptional value,  Scaleway’s new offer delivers the world’s best performance/price ratio, starting at only €0.28 excl. VAT per hour. The flagship ENT1-2XL instances, the largest to ever be offered by Scaleway, are packed with dedicated resources (96 vCPU & 384GB of RAM) for the most demanding workloads.

Yann Lechelle, CEO of Scaleway said, “Scaleway is proud to be working with AMD on this platform launch. Our Enterprise Instances offer an unparalleled performance/price ratio with specific market enablers, meeting the demand for robust and secure cloud computing which is growing at double-digit rates.

Roger Benson, Senior Director, Commercial EMEA at AMD, said, “By choosing 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors, designed from the ground up to meet the most demanding needs of the modern data center, Scaleway is setting superior standards for performance, security and scalability in their latest server offering. AMD EPYC™ processors can deliver more cores, high memory bandwidth and vast I/O enabling accelerated performance, while maintaining a disruptive pricing model to help customers optimize their infrastructure.”

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1High efficiency and ecological AZ


 About Scaleway, the cloud that makes sense

Scaleway is the leading alternative European infrastructure and Platform as a Service provider, catering to the global market with the essential mix of cloud computing resources that is flexible, cost effective, reliable, secure and sustainably powered. The only triple play cloud provider to offer private data center colocation and infrastructure, dedicated serversfor maximum control and punch, and a modern and elastic public cloud ecosystem. Scaleway has a daring approach thatchallenges the status quo, and its ecosystem is designed to leverage market standards to make things simpler: S3 compatibility, a rolling up-to-date Kubernetes and Terraform support. Scaleway is constantly growing around the world, and currently serves 300,000+ clients in over 160 countries. Scaleway’s services are deployed via six data centers located in three regions: Paris (France), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Warsaw (Poland).

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