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Northamber & Avocor help create Seamless information sharing

With Avocor’s G series interactive displays and GroupShare subscription- based meeting user interface, Avocor and Northamber are breaking down the technology barriers to seamless information sharing

Avocor and Northamber have partnered since 2018, working together to help channel partners provide customers with market-leading interactive displays and video collaboration solutions.

“Video calls have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years, and even now we’re back in the office, the new hybrid working model means that all- digital video meetings remain the standard for communication,” Kiel Hillier, Head of AV Product at Northamber explained. “Avocor has evolved its offering and established a strong position as a leading provider of interactive collaboration solutions for the corporate environment. Avocor solutions deliver an immersive experience and break down common barriers for remote attendees, fostering better communication and collaboration, and ensuring that more gets done.”

Interactive solutions

Avocor’s interactive solutions improve business agility, enhance collaboration and increase engagement and productivity. By combining voice, video and screen sharing functionalities, Avocor solutions engage all attendees, regardless of location; facilitate faster business outcomes by creating agile meeting spaces that encourage participants to collaborate on business processes; and improve post meeting efficiency by sending all amends, annotations, mark ups and notes made during the meeting, straight
to participants for immediate review and further discussion.

Meeting display solutions

Hillier says that the modern workplace has evolved beyond static monitors. “Today, organisations are looking to deploy meeting display solutions that work with any UC hardware or software and that give everyone the same meeting experience – whether they are sitting in a meeting room or dialling in from a remote location.”

Avocor’s G series sleek, bezel-less, edge-to-edge interactive displays are designed to streamline workplace collaboration. Available in 65”, 75”, and 85” edge-to-edge diagonals, the G series screens are backlit by industrial-grade LEDs and glass bonded with zero parallax and anti-glare to offer the most realistic writing experience available, with advanced object recognition that allows users to switch seamlessly from a pen, finger and palm on an ad-hoc basis.

The collaboration displays feature proprietary Avocor UiQ single-button touch interface and the latest generation of Avocor InGlass Intelligent Touch to give users an intuitive and interactive experience that ensures an equitable meeting experience for all participants.

Designed and tested to work seamlessly with all UC hardware and compatible with any UC software, including Meet, Zoom, Teams and WebEx; the G series gives every meeting attendee the ability to see participants’ faces in 4K, view what’s being presented, all annotations and whiteboarding, as well as annotate and whiteboard from their personal PC, phone or tablet.

Single-button meeting start

Avocor’s GroupShare helps teams easily and quickly manage video calls. The subscription-based meeting user interface drives collaboration and digital convergence, making it easy to start, schedule and share during meetings.

“In order to make video meetings as productive as possible, people want to quickly collaborate from any meeting app and to whiteboard and share files with colleagues both in the room and remote,” Hillier said.

“Avocor GroupShare eliminates technology complications by providing a single-touch, all-in-one consistent meeting user experience. And when applied to all Avocor interactive displays, GroupShare also provides an identical experience across all rooms in the enterprise. Employees can simply enter a room and instantly access their collaboration apps as well as their files and the
room schedule, in an easy single-touch interface,” he added.

Avocor GroupShare enables single- button meeting start from Avocor’s interactive display, personal mobile device or a PC; secure access to documents via a cloud drive; the room’s calendar; secure wireless screen sharing; and one-button start to multiple UC software programs, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and Google Meet.

GroupShare for Microsoft 365

Avocor GroupShare for Microsoft 365 comes pre-configured for Microsoft enterprise customers. It features Microsoft Office 365 authentication and room resource calendar integration, one-click accessibility of the Microsoft 365 personal calendar, OneDrive access, and secure, wireless screen-sharing, and Microsoft productivity options for Whiteboarding, Edge, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or other third-party applications.

To find out more about how Northamber and Avocor can help
your customers streamline workplace collaboration with easy to use solutions that simply work, every time, no matter what software and platform they use, please call us on 020 8296 7066 or visit

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