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See things more clearly with Mist

Mist, a pioneer in self-learning wireless networks, has launched the world’s first AI-driven Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) for wireless operations and integrated helpdesk.

Powered by Mist’s AI engine, Marvis, VNA is a cloud-based micro-service that enables IT staff to query the Mist global cloud about Wi-Fi issues and problems.

Instead of manually sifting through data in numerous locations, they can ask questions like:

Were there any anomalies between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on the main campus?

Why is Bob’s smartphone having a problem?

List the three sites with lowest performance.

How many clients are on the guest network?

Mist says this approach reduces the time taken to resolve network issues from hours to minutes, improves the efficiency of helpdesk personnel and enables IT to become more proactive.

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