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Help your customers share content effortlessly to any display wirelessly at the touch of a button…

With a gradual return to work on the horizon, social distancing is likely to be around for a while longer, so what better way to maintain a socially distanced meeting than with simpler communication and collaboration for all.

The Panasonic PressIT system is a WPS (wireless presentation system) that does exactly that, allowing total screen sharing and collaboration at the touch of a button.

With PressIT, the days of stretching unsightly HDMI/VGA cables around a room so that they can reach projectors and displays are over, along with the inevitable manoeuvring of people and seats whenever the presenter needs to find a free plug to power their laptop.

PressIT is an HD capable system that enables users to connect any source of content to almost any display wirelessly.

The PressIT system allows users to present to any HDMI capable display via a wireless transmitter and USB port. With the touch of a button, PressIT connects without the need for software installation on your device or display. You can present content from your device using Windows PCs and laptops, iOS MacBooks and iPhones, and Android tablets and phones (additional connection adapter may be required).

Simply connect your display (projector/ flat panel screen) to the receiver via the HDMI port, plug the transmitter into your device (laptop/tablet/phone) via the USB port, and you are ready to begin your presentation and share your screen at the touch of a button.

Simple set up

The working environment is changing quickly, and flexibility is clearly helpful for all organisations. One of the key benefits of the PressIT presentation solution is its portability and simple set-up, which allows users quickly and easily to take the PressIT from one meeting room to another or from site to site.

PressIT is such an obvious solution to many of the issues and obstacles that organisations face when giving presentations in the modern workplace that it is sure to become an invaluable business tool for collaboration in meetings and presentations in any office, education environment or venue. It can even be used at home to screen football matches, films or other broadcasts from a tablet, phone or laptop.

How it works and the specifications

PressIT connects to the display using AV signals sent through a transmitter plugged into your laptop, PC, iOS device or Android mobile device.

Users can operate PressIT with up to 4 display sources and have up to 32 transmitter connections, making it the perfect way to share content from multiple sources within a room. Obvious examples would be classrooms, training facilities or boardroom meetings where attendees can take turns to present without having to get up and move around the room.

Effective quick distanced presenting

In the PressIT starter kit, you get a receiver box (for your display) and a carry case with 2 HDMI transmitters for plugging into PCs and mobile devices. You can expand your set-up easily with additional USB C transmitters, if required.

With HD video transmission, low latency and a range of 30m from the source device, users can present almost anywhere in your workplace, classroom or home.

Clear & sharp presentations delivered from anywhere in the room It is not just the obvious meeting and teaching applications that PressIT can be used for. The potential applications are endless, including reception areas to create the right mood for employees and visitors where you can flexibly control the information being shown at any point in the day.

The solution is suitable for even the most challenging of rooms and situations. Providing you have a display screen or projector with HDMI connectivity, you can simply connect and begin to present and broadcast. The PressIT solution really is the ideal connected device to link up with the full range of Panasonic displays, TVs and projector devices, as well as any other HDMI ready display you have in situ.

Prices start from £1125 RRP. PressIT is available from Midwich & Partners.

For more information visit: PressITUK.html


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