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Simple is the new all singing, all dancing

NTA releases new Landline Adapter ahead of the big switch-off in 2025

With the big 2025 switch-off, millions of UK households will be left without the analogue telephone lines they have been accustomed to for decades. This poses a challenge for telephony providers and channel partners who must provide new solutions to millions of homes and small business users who may be unfamiliar with SIP and VoIP technology and the acronyms and confusing terminology used by the telecommunications industry.

As an industry, we need to consider how we can make the switch-off more understandable for this target market. Overwhelming them with too much information and a complex product structure will adversely affect consumer behaviour and funnel buyers to providers that make the same service significantly simpler to buy. The residential market is going to be attracted by a simple, easy service as opposed to the all singing, all dancing selling points the channel is used to.

At NTA, we are addressing this need with the launch of an enhanced ATA or Landline Adapter. An ATA connected to an IP network (e.g. a broadband connection) is traditionally used to enable analogue telephones, fax machines and similar devices to work on IP (Internet Protocol) services, such as a hosted telephony service.

We have designed and manufactured our Landline Adapter especially for the UK market to make it as easy and seamless as possible for residential customers and small businesses to make the switch to IP. It has features to identify what has been activated (simply dial and listen) and, with a traditional BT socket built-in, there is now no need to mess around with an adapter lead. It also has a built-in capacitor to make up to four handsets ring.

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