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Spinnaker Support offers service guarantee to new clients

Spinnaker Support, a global provider of Oracle, SAP and Salesforce support services, is addressing the concerns of organisations contemplating a move from a vendor’s own support services to an alternative, lower cost provider by launching its first service guarantee for third party software support. 

The Ultimate Support Guarantee, covering new customers for the initial term of support, confirms that Spinnaker Support will consistently deliver the comprehensive coverage and high-performance standards that organisations expect in relation to legal compliance, security and the quality of technical issue coverage. 

Mathew Stava, CEO and Chairman of Spinnaker Support, said: “Making the move to third-party support shouldn’t feel like a risk. The Ultimate Support Guarantee is our assurance that every customer receives the support they are promised, when and where they need it. We can offer this service guarantee because we’re fully confident in our model, people and processes.” ultimate-support-guarantee 

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