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Spitfire Managed Network Services make cloud migration easy

There is now rapid migration of applications, services and data storage to the cloud. This is not surprising given that the cost benefits to organisations of all sizes are compelling.

Managed Network Services
Managed Network Services

The trend is accelerating because of the shift away from desk-bound office work to more flexible mobile working patterns. Smart phones and tablets have limited storage capacity so a thin-client solution is required to support staff who may be hot-desking, working from home or on the road.

With the rise of mobile working practices and the BYOD device revolution users want to access software and apps on a range of devices while on the move, with the ability to get online and access files and apps, anytime, anywhere.

But many organisations lack the expertise to setup and support the necessary network connectivity infrastructure for cloud services. The processes involved in creating a cloud network infrastructure can be daunting. Paying for server rack space in a data centre, or renting storage capacity; setting up firewalls and network protocols; ensuring legal compliance and security; configuring routers and switches – the challenges seem endless.

To meet these challenges we have introduced Spitfire Managed Network Services. For your clients we will implement and manage an intelligent end-to-end network infrastructure, providing a one-stop solution for customers that do not want the time and expense of building and maintaining their own infrastructure.

This also relieves IT resellers of the need to concern themselves with network ‘plumbing’, so that they can focus on more lucrative value-added business such as SAAS provision.

Spitfire’s core network has four network nodes connected through its multi-10 Gigabit Ethernet London ring. Redundant links provide resilience to failure and the ring offers resilience in the event of individual links failing.

Spitfire is dedicated to providing your clients with the reliable super-fast network services that are the gateway to cloud apps, storage and services. The company has been a consistent innovator in network service provision and was one of the first UK ISPs and fixed line operators to offer a SIP trunk service. As a leader in IP engineering the company has been amongst the first to offer Ethernet and hosted telephony services.

Spitfire believes that reliability based on technical competence is incredibly important, and invests heavily in training all of its customer support technicians and sales people in IP engineering with study for qualifications such as Cisco CCENT.

The company strives to provide business class QoS levels and SLAs, unavailable from ISPs catering mainly for the domestic consumer market. This is the key differentiator for our ISP services and the reason why so many IT support companies trust Spitfire to deliver network connectivity for their clients.

SLAs emphasise fast fault response and sophisticated on-line fault tracking, backed with a ‘Keep-Customer-Informed’ policy, ensuring regular updates by phone, email or text from a support technician who manages issues to completion.

Spitfire’s Partner Service is aimed at enhancing the products and services offered by IT resellers and support companies, consultants and other organisations that want to offer customers a superior, more integrated service than that offered by the large impersonal ISPs and comms providers. The Partner Service has been highly successful with over 400 reseller partners benefitting from generous commission payments, outstanding training, support and assistance from technically competent, IP Engineering certified account managers.

Rather than simply providing a product portfolio for partners, Spitfire offers a more personal service providing better outcomes both for partners and their clients. Dedicated Partner Account Managers are available to meet partners or their customers as required. Spitfire backs everything up with documentation and Partner Service account managers are always available at the end of the phone to answer questions, no matter how simple or complex. That is why Spitfire received an “Editor’s Choice Award” from this magazine, Technology Reseller, for the company’s Partner Service in June.

To know more about partnering with Spitfire call the Spitfire Partner Services team on 020 7501 3150. Alternatively, email us at

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