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Start-up announces third year of triple digit growth

Network and security infrastructure provider Principle Networks has announced its third consecutive year of triple digit growth after winning big contracts for SD-WAN and integrated security solutions in the financial services, legal and manufacturing sectors.

In FY 2020-2021, the company recorded a 164% rise in turnover to £2.35 million; doubled its headcount to 13, with the addition of 7 new employees; and made significant investments in its systems and technology. 

Principle Networks has seen strong demand for its services over the last 12 months as more mid-sized enterprises have embarked on programmes to modify their operating model, offer flexible working and leverage technology to maintain competitiveness. 

Russell Crowley and Alex Steer founded Principle Networks in June 2018 with the intention of embracing modern technology and moving away from the legacy products and service models offered by traditional network providers. 

Steer said: “The way businesses are operating today is presenting a big challenge for legacy network providers. Gone are the days where the network was there to connect offices to a private data centre, with some complex configuration to prioritise certain traffic types. These days, most businesses want to host their systems and applications in a multitude of locations – in their own private data centre, in a service provider’s data centre, in a hyperscale cloud such as AWS or Azure or in the form of software as a service such as O365. 

“Their workforce tends to be mobile, working from anywhere at any given time. For the most part, this landscape doesn’t suit the rigid, static nature of traditional branch office networks. We take a holistic approach, with solutions that provide a consistent experience and security posture for workers and business applications, wherever they happen to be located.” 

He added: “Our strategy is to keep investing in the right people and technology and to stay true to our principles. We’re currently planning how, as a service provider, we can leverage data intelligence and advanced technologies to further enhance the customer experience which we think could be very compelling. Watch this space.”

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