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Stone Europe set up to tackle e-waste in Europe

Circular IT provider Stone Group is expanding its IT asset disposal service across Europe in partnership with Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services. 

The launch of Stone Europe will enable organisations in France, Germany, Holland and Spain to arrange for the sustainable disposal of unwanted IT assets through the Stone 360 app, which has been translated into French, German Dutch and Spanish for this purpose. 

Stone Europe will collect customers’ unwanted IT devices and take them to Ingram Micro’s IT asset disposal facilities, where they will be securely wiped clean of data and either refurbished for resale or recycled. 

In the future, Stone Europe plans to extend the service to other countries and enable European customers to buy IT solutions from Stone Europe as part of a 360-degree approach to IT procurement and disposal.

Stone Group Director Tim Westbrook said: “Since the launch of the Stone 360 app in the UK, we have managed to save over 150,000 broken or redundant IT items from ending up in landfill. We’re one of the few IT resellers to take full responsibility for the kit we sell to our customers by investing in our own ITAD facility and the app to make it as easy as possible for our customers to dispose of their unwanted IT securely and sustainably. We have launched Stone Group Europe to help other territories manage their e-waste more effectively.”

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