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Supplier Snapshot: IQBlade

1. When was IQBlade founded and by whom?

IQBlade was founded in 2016 by Antony Young and Ben Abraham

2. What is your main product?

Our all-in-one SaaS platform provides data-driven B2B insights to enable technology companies to make smarter decisions and drive growth. It allows channel companies to identify prospects or other partners of interest based on specific criteria. The platform boasts features such as financial benchmarking, competency and accreditation mapping, enabling the user to make comparisons based on performance and growth potential.

3. What is your route to market?

Our clients include vendors, distributors and channel partners. We have recently started to work with marketing agencies that need good data to service the same kinds of clients.

4. Who are your main competitors?

Given our focus on the tech sector, we don’t have a like-for-like competitor in the UK. However, our data set is very broad, so we do have competitors in some areas, such as DueDil, which offers financial data, and Artesian, which offers social listening and prospect targeting.

5. How does your product differ from others is the same space?

IQBlade is a market intelligence platform focused specifically at tech businesses. It also pulls in and analyses data from more sources than any other platform.

6. How many customers do you have in the UK/worldwide?

IQBlade has over 130 customers, including vendors such as Microsoft and HP Enterprise and distributors such as Tech Data, Arrow and Ingram Micro. We also offer intelligence on key prospects to a growing number of channel partners.

7. What are some of the benefits your customers have gained from their use of your product?

As routes to market evolve, vendors and distributors are looking to the IQBlade platform to find new partners that they haven’t previously engaged with – digital agencies, for example, or emerging ISVs.

IQBlade has the capability to analyse over 4.9 million companies in the UK, meaning we are able to find and categorise these new targets and enable our clients to build target campaigns aimed at recruiting them.

We do the same for clients wishing to target new end users. For example, we recently helped one client identify companies that might have a very high compute workload and fit a very specific size and geographical profile. Another example is a client that wanted to target manufacturing companies over a certain size and running certain combinations of software, both of which were made possible through our platform.

8. Has your product won any awards/industry recognition?

IQBlade was recently featured alongside a host of Fortune 500 companies in the 2019 Forrester Channel Technology stack. It was also recognised in the top 10 tech companies in Liverpool and in the top 250 in the North West.

9. How do you plan to develop the product in the next 12 months and longer term?

We have recently launched a mobile app that will enable our users to access company intelligence on the move. In the next few weeks, the app will start to push notifications regarding key news events to the user.

The main platform will enable a channel partner to take advantage of our data science expertise to identify new prospects within minutes, based on companies and contacts that they already know.

10. Contact details for readers to find out more?

Antony Young, Co-founder
0151 482 9700

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