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Taking it to the next stage

Daisy Wholesale is expanding its One and Only Convergence offering with new applications and a new sales training programme for resellers

In February this year, at the BT Tower in London, Daisy Wholesale launched its One and Only Convergence Solution in response to the coming together of voice, data and mobile technologies and the emergence of cloud and cloud-based applications.

This integrates Daisy’s hosted voice and mobile offerings with a suite of solutions, including SIP lines, broadband with quality of service, SD-WAN, unified communications, mobile device management and WiFi services, enabling resellers from across the spectrum to make the most of the opportunities presented by convergence.

All elements are optimised to work together, whether implemented as a complete solution or piece by piece in line with a customer’s changing needs, and all are offered on a 30-day rolling contract (excluding hardware) and on a truly wholesale basis.

Last month at Channel Live in Birmingham, Daisy Wholesale Sales Director Garry Growns announced further development of the One and Only Convergence Solution, with the launch of new business applications and support services that will enable resellers to develop additional revenue streams and strengthen customer relationships.


Enskil is a cloud-based solution, available through the Daisy Wholesale portal, that gives resellers access to a community of field-based engineers, each one tagged with their area of expertise (e.g. telephony, cabling, IP), their accreditations and customer feedback.

“It’s a bit like Trusted Trader, but for business engineering, IP engineering,” explained Growns. “The reseller can log on and write ‘I have a telephone system to deploy in Aberdeen; it’s for 25 people; it will take 3 days; and I don’t want to pay any more than £2,000 for installation’. An engineer can reply ‘Yes, I can do that and here’s my profile, my references, my comments, my skillset. I can do it in two weeks’ time and this is how much I will charge’.

“The beauty of Enskil for a reseller taking on new products is that you don’t have to worry about reskilling your engineers or recruiting new engineers and then having a huge cost liability around your neck. Instead, you can use a third-party resource as and when needed. It also provides an additional skills base that you can draw on when your own engineers are on holiday or off sick, or when you have jobs outside your normal geographic area.”

Initially, listed engineers will all be white labelled on behalf of Daisy, but the intention is to broaden it to include engineers from partners, so that they can gain more value from a resource they are already fully funding.

Growns says that Enskil has been extremely well received by channel partners who appreciate the flexibility that it gives, pointing out that it is particularly useful for growing businesses.

“Interestingly, at Channel Live, Daisy founder, Matt Riley, was asked what he would do differently if he had his time again and he said ‘I would create the best customer-focused sales machine going to focus on the WLR/ISDN service withdrawal and then outsource everything else: I wouldn’t do any billing; I wouldn’t do any collections; I wouldn’t do any installation; I wouldn’t do any maintenance’. Through apps like Enskil, that is what we are making possible for our customers,” he said.

Daisy Webstore

A second new offering, due to go live before the end of this calendar year, Daisy’s Product Webstore leverages Daisy’s massive buying power with leading distributors to offer resellers highly competitive pricing on thousands of products and services.

“Through the Daisy Wholesale portal, we will be giving resellers a gateway where they can shop for voice and data products, telephone systems, handsets, desktops, laptops, routers, network devices, mobile handsets, everything they could need; get the best pricing; and then purchase items through the portal. We will apply highly competitive margins so resellers shouldn’t be able to buy something more cheaply anywhere else,” explained Growns.

An added benefit of Daisy’s Product Webstore is that it effectively gives resellers another form of finance, as Growns explains.

“They can purchase items using a credit card or through a form of subscription finance, basically a monthly payment, with everything done electronically. If the total is under a certain value – around £2,000 – resellers will get virtually instant acceptance (or decline); if above, the plan is to have an answer within a few hours. It’s nicely automated: the reseller gets their money from the finance company very quickly after installation; we get our fair share; and the end user makes payments straight to the finance house. And the great part for the channel reseller is that they are not liable at all for the finance – the relationship is between the finance house and the end user.”


Wisdom, the first of many business apps Daisy is planning, was developed in-house by Daisy’s own IT and systems team, partly in response to GDPR.

There are two parts to Wisdom. One is a tool that quickly and easily health-checks an end-user customer’s data environment and produces a report showing the types of data they have, whether there are any suspect files, how often documents are accessed and so on, with recommendations on what to do next. These include the option to move data into a secure, reliable, easily accessible cloud platform, which is the second part of the solution.

“All of a sudden, the customer has gone from not knowing where their data is or how it’s managed to having something that is much more robust, secure and controlled,” explained Growns.

Daisy is offering the first part of Wisdom, the health-check and report, free of charge to resellers, leaving it up to them whether to charge customers or provide it as a free service. The second part, the cloud storage, has a cost, which varies depending on factors such as data type, data volume and archiving options.

Growns adds that in the future, Daisy plans to launch a series of other apps, many of which will be around billing.

“Some time ago, we bought a company called Alternative Networks, which, through its acquisition of Aurora, had its own billing platform. Because many of our engineers and software writers have experience in billing, we are looking to develop a new billing platform and applications suite, around which will sit a raft of other business apps,” he said.

“We will have our integrated voice, data and mobile platforms and on top of those a variety of applications suitable for the majority of customers – light touch, easy to deploy, easy to manage. You don’t have to invest thousands of pounds; you don’t have to train your engineers; there will be plenty of support; and the key thing is they will all be on 30-day contracts, so you are not being locked into long contracts.”

Partner Sales Academy

The fourth new element of the Daisy Wholesale offering is its Partner Sales Academy. Announced earlier this year and due to go live in early 2019, this web-based training programme underpins the company’s products and services by giving resellers’ sales teams the skills they need to maximise the revenue opportunities presented by convergence.

“Most resellers don’t invest in training their sales people,” said Growns. “They give product training on the hoof and expect people to learn through experience, but a good sales guy isn’t just born with the gift of the gab. It is a skill, knowing when to keep quiet, knowing what questions to ask, knowing how to put a proposal together. Is it better done face-to-face or in a document? And what should the document look like? That’s the sort of stuff we wanted to address.

“The next question was how to roll this out to quite a large customer base. That’s why we’ve come up with this web-based, portal-driven training programme. A lot of it will be webinar-based; some will be assessed online; there will be some face-to-face training. As you complete the various modules and pass different assessments, you’ll become accredited and there will be certificates given, with social badges that can be profiled and aired on Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn.”

Extra support

As Daisy expands its product offering, Growns points out that it is also restructuring its business to provide customers with all the support they need. On the sales and marketing side, this includes the recruitment of sales specialists, pre-sales specialists and technical specialists.

“We are not just throwing products at our partners and saying get on with it,” he said. “We are there to make sure we give them the right products, the right applications to sell and then we are going to hold the partners’ hands to help them make these new portfolio elements a success.”

To find out more about Daisy Wholesale’s product offering and reseller proposition, please call 0330 100 1233 or email

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