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Talking Security with Norton

Nick Shaw, Vice President & General Manager of Norton EMEA, highlights the importance of good cyber hygiene

Nicholas Shaw

We’re more aware of cybercrime than ever before, but people often forget the basics that build up our ‘cyber hygiene’.

In the past year, more than 17 million UK consumers experienced cybercrime, representing over one third of the adult online population. British losses totalled £4.6 billion in those 12 months, and each victim lost an average of two working days dealing with the aftermath.

So why aren’t people covering the basics when it comes to online security? Too often I hear people say ‘It’ll never happen to me’, when all the evidence shows the opposite: cybercrime is real and it could happen to you.

Our Norton Cyber Security Insights report found that cybercrime victims fit a similar profile: they are normal, tech-savvy consumers who use multiple devices, yet who skip simple steps like password security and negate their own security efforts, which is costing them.

Prevention is always better than remediation when it comes to cybercrime, and with our time and money on the line, we could all do with revisiting our habits to better protect ourselves. Stronger, unique passwords across all your accounts, taking action if you’re ever affected by a data breach and using a comprehensive security solution for all your connected devices are simple steps that can make a world of difference and prevent you from becoming another cybercrime statistic.

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