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Talking Technology: with EIZO & Northamber

As organisations re-evaluate their business space to meet the needs of hybrid working can our screen technology really keep up within our home working environment compared to our office environment?

Nothing annoys Dave Hadden, Head of Solutions at EIZO, quite as much as
the assertion that ‘a monitor is just a monitor’. To him, it is like saying ‘a car is just a car’ and completely ignores the first rule of monitor buying, which is to choose a model based on the job you want it to do and where it is going to be used.

“The breadth of range from EIZO now covers every requirement,” explains Mark Sumner, AV Technology Expert at Northamber. “It has the FlexScans range with built-in docks and it has a ColorEdge range with higher quality colour and
more megapixels. They have a whole portfolio of products that really do fit every requirement and every application.”

Bridging the gap between home and office

Following feedback from the reseller community there is a need to promote EIZO monitors as tools to boost productivity and to meet their customers’ broader ESG and employee wellbeing goals, for example by giving flexible workers the same standard of ergonomics in their home offices that they enjoy in office environments.

“The focus in organisations now is all around that work-life balance and giving employees products that support wellbeing regardless of whether they are at home or at work, and I believe the products coming out of EIZO give that,” says Sumner.

Here, he is referring not only to ergonomic features, such as the industry’s largest vertical movement to accommodate people of different heights and Auto EcoView sensors on the front of EIZO FlexScan monitors, which measure ambient light levels and adjust screen brightness accordingly, but also to clever software features that ensure a consistent experience when working at home or in the office.

“One of the features on our FlexScan range is a piece of software called Colour Briefcase, which you load on your laptop,” explains Hadden. “This stores how you like to set up your monitor and when you take that laptop and plug it into another FlexScan monitor in a different location, it automatically applies your preferred settings.

“If you like to run everything in sRGB mode, but like to view Word and Excel in our Paper Mode, which has a soft, sepia- like tone that’s easier on the eyes, the software will change the settings on the monitor being used as soon as you open Word. If you then open Chrome, it will go back to sRGB mode because that’s the colour of the internet.”

Tidy desk, tidy mind

EIZO monitors also help home workers maintain a neat and tidy working environment with a single USB connection between the monitor and laptop, and the ability to daisy-chain up to four monitors with a single cable connection between each one.

“We designed our single USB for hot desking, not really thinking about home working because it was less of a thing at the time, but as it happens it works beautifully for home working too. The single USB gives you a video connection but also power coming back into the laptop. Because it’s USB you also have the ability to plug a keyboard and mouse into the monitor,” explains Hadden.

In addition, EIZO’s latest high-end ColorEdge monitors for colour-critical applications like graphic design and desktop publishing have an RJ45 network connection inside the monitor, providing the bandwidth and reliability of a wired network connection, and the flexibility to use them as endpoints in a VDI infrastructure.

Demand for longer term solutions

EIZO and Northamber believe that features like these, combined with EIZO’s standard 5-year warranty, have the potential to break the established technology cycle of ‘buying cheap and replacing often’.

In the past, EIZO has had great success in selling to large organisations that prioritise total cost of ownership (TCO) in procurement decisions and are prepared to spend a little more on high quality, energy-efficient Japanese-made monitors that will save a lot more on energy costs and maintenance in the long run.

With staff wellbeing and broader ESG goals rising to the top of the agenda, businesses of all sizes are having to take a more considered approach to IT procurement, which Hadden believes gives EIZO, with its focus on quality and ergonomics, a real advantage.

“Compared to the cost of the person on the seat in front of it, the cost of the monitor is negligible. Just making someone 1% more efficient and encouraging them to spend 1% more time at their desk is worth at least £1,000. A monitor doesn’t cost anywhere near that.”

To find out more about EIZO monitors from Northamber, please
call us on 020 8296 7066 or visit for more details.

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