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TC superior handset

Are you tired of the same old feature rich handsets with useful function keys and HD audio? Ditch that tiresome technology with the new hosted telephony solution. NTA proudly presents the new TC Superior Handset.

Our in house development team have spent months creating and testing this pioneering technology. The TC Superior Handset offers all the features of your standard IP Handset and more. It’s stylish, yet unmistakably nostalgic design sparks joy in its users with its user friendly interface, whilst its ergonomic shape and size allow for comfortable use throughout those long and hard working hours.

NTA also offers our famous white labelling service with this particular model – no strings attached. Don’t believe us? Read our customer testimonial:

“The TC Superior Handset is an essential tool for our business. The light-weight and cylindrical design is perfect for handling and having no coiled cord is a huge bonus. Each handset is connected via a very visible direct line which helps identify exactly where each call is transferred to. Call Forty Three is an old business, so we like to see old-school and original products mixed in with the ease of modern day technology. That’s why we favour the TC Superior Handset. We had previously been tied up with controlling our customers extensions, but now with the TC Superior Handset and its per seat model, it’s never been easier for us to keep track of everything. This model has been flying off the shelves, so much so that we’ve had to rope in some extra helping hands to keep up with product demand. NTA has provided us with a quality produced product with no strings attached.”

Tony, Founder, Call Forty Three

So, why wait? Order yours today with NTA!

Happy April Fools day from everyone at NTA. Since our rebrand in January 2021, we have taken a new approach to advertising and brand management. We aim to inject that personal element back into public facing content with humour, wit, and that now iconic shade of teal.

In this current climate we understand the importance of humour and how advertising can create this positive impact. The NTA brand promotes the ideals of a small business on a larger scale, by creating strong relationships with customers, and promoting professional yet relatable content. That’s why our brand manifests itself in a simple and approachable way. As a company, it is important to us to be constantly evolving with technology as well as current trends, and subsequently we aim to reflect this in our customer approach.

Affectionately known as ‘The Dream Team’ (to themselves), the marketing department here at NTA love trying something new and taking creative risks in pursuit of changing the way people view the telecommunications industry. It’s just what we do – and we think we do a pretty good job. We will continue to expand and evolve how we advertise and develop ourselves as a brand, and we look forward to creating more unique and ambitious content, as well as assisting and providing the tools our customers need to excel with their own.

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