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IT service desks win over doubters 

Satisfaction with IT service desks has improved in 65% of businesses and 72% of public sector organisations following their successful response to COVD-19 lockdowns and working from home, reveals new research from the Service Desk Institute (SDI), sponsored by Sunrise Software. 

Over 9 in 10 (92%) of those surveyed for The Changing Priorities: The Recovery and Regeneration of IT Service Management report said their organisation had adapted very or reasonably well to home working; 91% said that IT service staff had adapted well to the transition, despite previously being used to working together in the same physical office. Now that lockdowns have ended, IT service desks are continuing to change how they operate, with 47% of all organisations (and 59% of the public sector) focusing on ‘shift left’, enabling end users to solve basic or common issues themselves through access to knowledge and automated processes so that the service desk team can reprioritise and focus on more complex issues or strategic areas.


Parcels deliver rapid growth 

Global parcel volumes rose by 27% in 2020 to 131.2 billion, according to the Pitney Bowes global Parcel Shipping Index. This equates to 4,160 parcels shipped per second and an average of 34 parcels  per person. 

The Index expects parcel volumes to double to 266 billion by 2026. 

In the UK, 5 billion parcels were generated in 2020, 33% more than in 2019, giving the UK the highest number of parcels per capita – 74, up from 56 in 2019. 

Prior to the pandemic, UK parcel volumes were growing by an average of 8% per year, but in 2020 this growth rate more than quadrupled to 33%. 

Pitney Bowes expects UK parcel volumes to grow by 10-14% this year to 5.4-6 billion parcels, rising again to 7.5- 8.5 billion parcels in 2026.


Record year for deal-making 

Figures from Refinitiv show that 2021 is set to be a record year for global dealmaking, with almost $4tn of M&A deals already agreed since the start of the year. August alone saw $500bn of transactions globally, up from $289bn in the same month last year and $275bn in 2019. 

The surge in deals is being driven by tech, accounting for 21% of M&A activity. So far this year, tech companies have completed 8,742 transactions worth $832bn, up from $301bn worth of deals agreed in the same period last year and $291bn in 2019. 

Tom Henriksson, General Partner at OpenOcean, said: “In the next few decades, data-driven technologies like quantum computing and artificial intelligence have huge potential for significant growth, delivering the more connected, sustainable and fairer society customers want in the post-pandemic world. Data is disrupting every industry, driving innovation in everything from customer-facing applications to behindthe-scenes business intelligence to improve decision-making.” 

*The number of companies sold in the UK increased by 59% in the first half of 2021, compared to the second half of 2020 (source Dealsuite, UK&I M&A monitor). On average, the price paid for an SME was 5.50 times gross profit. However, the average Ebitda multiple was as much as 8.65 for companies in IT Services & Software Development.

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