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UK coders buck productivity crisis

The UK has notoriously low levels of productivity compared to our main international competitors – with the exception, it appears, of software coding.

Analysis of over 55m data points from developers in 44,000 organisations around the world by CircleCI shows that UK developers are amongst the world’s most productive, coding at a higher rate than counterparts in France and Germany.

UK developers have a throughput (the median number of times software teams submit new code each day) of 1.26, which is almost double the global average of 0.7 and far ahead of France (1.06) and Germany (0.93).

The flipside to this is that the British technology ecosystem is innovating less than competing markets in America and the EU, with risk-averse British teams displaying a very low rate of code failure in a sector where high rates of failure are a sign of innovation and risk-taking.

In the UK, the median success rate of tests run on software before it is deployed into the real world is 95%, compared to 83% in the US and a global average of just 61%.

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