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Spiceworks publish new “The Future of Network and Endpoint Security” Report

Huge opportunity in next-gen security A recent study by  Spiceworks,The Future of Network and Endpoint Security, reveals the massive opportunity that exists for security vendors to protect customers’ devices, data and networks with next-gen security solutions like AI-powered threat intelligence and security-as-a-service.

The report highlights organisations’ vulnerability to evolving security threats and existing risks, including outdated operating systems, limited use of encryption and a lack of in-house security expertise. Almost one in three businesses surveyed for the report (32%) are still utilising at least one instance of Windows XP, even though it reached end of service in 2014. Four out of five (79%) are still running Windows 7, which will reach end of service in January 2020. Of these, one quarter say they don’t plan to migrate from Windows 7 until after the end of service date.

Other vulnerabilities highlighted by the research include limited access to security experts, with fewer than half of surveyed businesses employing one; and limited use of data encryption, with 17% of respondents employing no encryption whatsoever.

The Future of Network and Endpoint Security shows that to address these weaknesses, more and more businesses are looking to AI-powered security solutions. Already, 18% of businesses have adopted AI-powered threat intelligence platforms, with an additional 30% considering adopting them in the next two years; and 12% of businesses already use AI-powered network security appliances, with an additional 32% considering adopting them in the next two years.




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