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Technology Reseller Magazine V16

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Happy New Year! With the promise of fresh starts and new opportunities, this greeting has always been more than a platitude, but this year it is more significant than ever. With so much confusion and uncertainty surrounding Brexit, with so much that could go wrong and the seeming inability of our politicians to treat the issue with the seriousness and urgency that it requires, the happiness and prosperity of many is far from guaranteed. On a more positive note, whatever happens is sure to create opportunities that the most entrepreneurial resellers and MSPs will be
able to exploit. This point was made forcefully by Phil Jones, Managing Director of Brother UK, when I interviewed him in the week before Christmas about the threats and opportunities facing the channel in 2019. He admitted that there was a lot of uncertainty about, but tempered this with a quote from Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck — Why Some Thrive Despite Them All by business guru Jim Collins: “Everyone gets luck, good and bad, but 10X winners make more of the luck they get”. So, no excuses. Make sure you watch the video of the interview when it is posted on our website later this month.

Whatever happens, the IT channel will always find new opportunities to develop. Eight years ago, Spectrami spotted a gap for a new type of distributor in the United Arab Emirates. It now has a turnover of $60 million and has just opened a UK operation, which, as Spectrami UK Managing Director Sean Fane explains on page 33, is providing resellers over here with new technologies that perhaps they wouldn’t get from traditional distributors. On page 27, Nigel Edwards explains how Western Digital has consolidated its branding and streamlined its distribution network to help resellers maximise the opportunities emerging in data management and storage. And, on page 30, we learn how Giacom is making it easier for small resellers to profit from Microsoft Azure. As ever, there’s much to look forward to as we enter the new year. Here’s hoping it’s a prosperous one.

James Goulding

Read the latest issue here

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