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Technology to transform shopping experience

Retail stores of the future will still have human sales assistants, but the shopping experience will be radically different due to greater use of technology.

Technology transforming shopping experience's
Technology transforming shopping experience’s

Seven out of 10 shop workers surveyed by Epson believe technology will never replace personal interaction in shops, but they do admit that it will revolutionise the customer experience.

For example, 60% believe Augmented Reality will be used to simulate products in any environment, helping customers make purchasing decisions. More than half (57%) agree that wearable devices, such as smart glasses and wristbands, will enable retailers to enhance their service and personalise recommendations.

Other findings include:

40% think stores will no longer hold stock, but will instead produce customised products on demand;

67% expect automatic ID of customers so that brands can provide ultra-personalised shopping experiences;

62% think the same technology will lead to greater levels of security;

55% think there will be automatic transactions, perhaps facilitated by mobile POS systems;

36% think virtual shop assistants equipped with advanced artificial intelligence will help provide a faster and better service.

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