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Cohesity: Three-tier approach

Cohesity has won many plaudits for its approach to data management, which makes it easier and cheaper for enterprises to manage data by consolidating fragmented infrastructure silos onto one web-scale platform and running apps on the platform to back up and derive insights from data.

It was recognized as the Best Backup/Continuity Offering by Channel Partner Insight at the MSP Innovation Awards Europe 2020 and has just been ranked first out of 16 vendors in the latest GigaOm Radar for Unstructured Data Management report

In it, GigaOm analyst Enrico Signoretti praises Cohesity for its:

*‘end-to-end solution’ to data challenges, such as managing the proliferation of data silos and deriving value from data;

*ability to ‘consolidate disparate workloads, including, backup, archiving, files shares, object stores, test/dev, and analytics onto one software-defined platform’;

*empowerment of ‘organisations to analyse content for a growing number of use cases, taking advantage of native or pre-configured easy-to-use third-party apps in Cohesity’s marketplace’; and

*‘centralised user interface, great overall efficiency and TCO’.

“Cohesity’s solution is a three-tier approach to data management,” explains UK and Ireland partner manager Martin Smith.

“You’ve got our DataPlatform, which spans across locations (on-premises, in the cloud and hybrid environments), is software-defined, cloud-native and powered by our SpanFS distributed file system. That’s the essence of what we do, because it is a highly scale-out filesystem with some unique properties. For example, it can receive and present files using NFS, SMB and S3 protocols at the same time. On the DataPlatform you can run DataProtect (backup and recovery), consolidate file & object services with SmartFiles and embrace public cloud with native integrations.

“A layer above this, you have Helios, a single user-interface for unified global management of all data & workloads across locations with central control.

“Then, on top of Helios is Marketplace. Here you run apps that co-reside on the same DataPlatform for richer access to all underlying data – no separate systems, no silos and the business gains insights from apps that provide analytics or help with GDPR compliance and security of data.”

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