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Time to embrace the Nimans of Things, resellers advised

Nimans Head of Solutions Sales, John McKindland, is urging resellers to take advantage of seamless and coordinated communications solutions, where all components of the supply chain can be sourced from one point – what he calls the Nimans of Things.

“People are very familiar with the Internet of Things where lots of different devices connect online. We are introducing the ‘Nimans of Things’,” he explained. “We have dedicated cloud-based platforms from Unify and NEC, as well as a number of third-party devices that sit around them. Then there’s UC headsets and handsets and other associated end points. We’ve got all bases covered, from hardware and software to connectivity, plus many additional support services.”

McKindland points out that the breadth of the Nimans portfolio can help resellers increase wallet share.

“We could be talking to a customer quite happy selling a Yealink handset, but there’s a host of other associated technologies, such as cloud-based call recording, as well as any number of IP devices, such a door entry, CCTV – it all starts to cascade out. Often ideas, opportunities and technology are not all in one place, but in silos. We are the common denominator and can join it all together.

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