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Top tier sales made easy: Welcome to the new HP Premium website

Selling the HP Premium range has just got easier thanks to Westcoast. 

HP Premium site

The HP Premium site is an all-inclusive hub built around HP’s biggest flagship devices. This includes the Elite Slice and the Spectre x360 which are powered by Intel’s New 7th Gen Core processors, boasting up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge as well as improved productivity – more than 70% faster mobile productivity than a 5 year old PC.. The most recent addition is the Z2 Mini, which rightfully earned the title of ‘pocket-sized powerhouse’ back in Westcoast’s product spotlight.

The website has been designed as a full-on enablement tool to help make selling the HP Premium range as simple as possible. On top of product videos, each device has a comprehensive plethora of resources associated with it, including high resolution images, datasheets and marketing collateral. The marketing in particular is so extensive that you could build a full campaign around each device, thanks to the inclusion of ready-to-go web banners, rebrandable eCards and print ads.

One of the most valuable elements of the HP Premium website involves the purchasing options that are on offer. The site features every default configuration option available for each device, bringing them together so that they’re easy to compare, with it then taking only a couple of clicks to go through to the checkout process, but the jewel in the crown comes with the customisation functionality that’s also available.

Customers can have requirements that are difficult to meet when you’re forced to work within the confines of the standard device configurations. Thankfully this isn’t the case with HP’s pantheon of premium devices, as each product can be customised by system, component or software, depending on your customer’s requirements. This is done by simply clicking on the iCreate link on a product, and then you’re directed to Westcoast’s intuitive self-service customisation tool.

Not content with stopping there, each product also has its own accessories section on the website, making it easy to suggest complementary products that will work out of the box with your customer’s new premium device, to make upselling a painless task.

From the start of the sales process to the end, Westcoast’s HP Premium website is as wide-ranging as they come, and the best way to uncover all of its benefits is by using it.

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