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UC-Reseller launches a Telecommunications billing platform UC-Billing.

Following a recent Survey of the UC-Reseller community, UC-Reseller acknowledges one of the barriers for MSPs (Managed Service Providers) entering the Unified Communications space is that Telecoms billing solutions are complex, requiring knowledge of tariff management, the format of CDRs (Call Detail Reports), Prefix codes, SDRs (Service Description Records), in addition existing Telecoms billing platforms often have high service subscriptions, and usually, a usage charge based on a percentage of the total bill.

UC-Billing makes Telecoms billing for MSPs simple, allowing MSPs to bill their existing services such as Support Services, Office 365 Subscriptions, Internet Connectivity, Web Hosting, alongside their Telecoms billing. Setting up UC-Billing for your first bill run could not be simpler, set-up your client, add services, detail the CLIs (Caller Line Identities), load and process the CDR, and UC-Billing will produce a branded Invoice, with full Call Detail Report emailed to your clients and then collects payment automatically via Go Cardless.

MSPs entering Unified Communications are usually faced with a decision between becoming an Agent for a larger telecommunications company or battling with the complexities of telecommunications billing regulations, and complex platforms. We do not believe any MSP should become an agent of a larger telecommunications company, as this leaves the MSP been paid a small commission each month, they lose control of their client as the contracts will be with the larger telco, and it does not benefit the MSP balance sheet as there is no asset value. We, therefore, recommend that resellers hold the contract with their clients, purchase wholesale, set their own pricing and tariffs, determine their own margins, and build their companies balance sheet, not the large telcos, to achieve this the MSP requires an easy to implement, manage and use billing solution for their unified communications business alongside their traditional MSP portfolio of products and services.

UC-Billing, is completely brandable by the reseller, including allowing the end customer to log in to the customer portal to review previous invoices, automatically add a margin to the cost price of CDRs, allow the reseller to use their own SMTP server to send the Invoices, and Call Detail Reports, links with Go Cardless to take payments, allows the reseller to send reminders of unpaid invoices with a custom message for each type of reminder.

Introductory Offer

UC-Reseller is currently offering resellers their first 5 clients for free for the first 3 months, after which the monthly service subscription is very affordable, and importantly there is no usage charge, which could save resellers a substantial amount of money, allowing resellers to retain more margin.

Request a FREE 3 Month Trial for up to 5 clients

Stuart Rudd, Director of Channel Development at UC-Reseller said

“We are very pleased with our development teams’ efforts to provide our Resellers with an essential tool. UC-Billing is simple and intuitive to use, and allows MSPs to add their normal monthly service charges to UC-Billing allowing a single bill to be presented to their clients.” and continued “UC-Billing does not have the usual industry-standard percentage service charge, which could save resellers a significant amount.”

Adam Mathews, Senior UC Solutions Specialist at UC-Reseller said

“We often hear from resellers how difficult they find the billing element of the telecoms service offering, UC-Billing keeps it simple, and ensures the Reseller complies with best practice in Telecommunications Billing.” and continued “We offer this service at a reduced cost to support our reseller base, with no percentage service charge, and for the first five clients for three months it is completely free, our onboarding team will train the resellers on UC-Billing, but most do not need the training as it is simple and intuitive to use.”

Ryan Dean, Account Manager at UC-Reseller said

“I often deal with new resellers, that are new to telecoms, having commenced with a unified communications offering and learned the technical implementation, together with the other elements required such as number porting. They then find that they need a billing solution. I often hear from our resellers that they find Telecoms Billing is complex, expensive, and providers want a share of the margin by way of a service charge as a percentage of the resellers business.” and continued “I feel that UC-Billing makes it easy, allow the monthly billing to be completed with ease, and ensures that the reseller retains margin because there are no usage fees, since launch of our Beta Test we have seen an increase of MSPs using UC- Billing, and have heard how this has enabled their transition into Unified Communications and made it an easy transition. We have therefore now made this available publicly, to all resellers.”

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