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UK IT budget rises below the European average

The good news is that 61% of EU businesses expect IT budgets to rise in 2021 to help them manage the Covid-19 pandemic and enable employees to work from home. The bad news is that, in the UK, rises will be below the European average.

According to the State of Business IT 2020 report commissioned by sustainable Technology Lifecycle Management provider 3stepIT, European IT budgets are set to rise by an average of 21% compared to 2019 levels. The largest increases are anticipated in Norway (37%) and Germany (27%), with the lowest in the UK (16%) and France (15%).

Carmen Ene, CEO at 3stepIT, said: “It’s now clear the mobile workforce is here to stay, and while IT budgets for many firms will increase to cover the costs of this digital transformation, IT managers are being asked to demonstrate the value of every expense. Alongside more flexible working solutions, businesses are now looking to introduce different purchasing models that demonstrate a lower total cost of ownership, accelerate digital and workplace transformation, and offer greater flexibility in IT procurement. The increasing popularity of subscription-based models, technology lifecycle management and transition to the cloud is testament to this trend.”

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