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UK wasting billions on failed Agile IT projects

British business is set to waste an estimated £37 billion on failed Agile IT projects over the course of the next 12 months, claims independent IT consultancy 6point6.

An Agile Agenda: How CIOs Can Navigate The Post-Agile Era reveals that 12% of Agile projects are failing completely. Over half (53%) of CIOs regard Agile development as ‘discredited’ and 75% are no longer prepared to defend it.

Chris Porter, CTO and co-founder of 6point6, said: “This is a conservative estimate. We’ve only looked at Agile IT projects that fail completely. This doesn’t include the waste involved in Agile projects that fail only partially.UK and US CIOs now estimate that nearly a third (32%) of Agile projects fail to some degree. The failure to apply Agile effectively is a huge problem for the UK.”

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