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Ultima launches software development arm to speed automation take-up

Automation and infrastructure service provider Ultima has launched a new software development arm, Ultima Labs, to give businesses a secure route to cloud-based automation.

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), Ultima Labs has a range of software tools under development that will allow businesses to adopt the latest automation technology more easily.

These include its flagship product, IA-Connect, which addresses the security concerns of customers who don’t want to automate over a VPN by enabling fast, secure automation of business processes over Microsoft RDS, Citrix Cloud and Citrix virtual apps and desktops sessions.

Ultima CEO Scott Dodds said: “The launch of Ultima Labs allows us to showcase our automation software, which is a key growth area for us. As we bring out new and exciting tools to make automation a reality for customers, the promises of improved productivity and reduced operating costs from digital transformation will become a reality for every business. It also opens opportunities for us to work with leading vendors. We’re already working with the world’s leading RPA vendor, Blue Prism, to help them deliver robust and secure automation, having integrated IA-Connect with Blue Prism’s connected RPA platform.”

Ultima claims IA-Connect allows a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) developer to create automations in practically the same manner as a ‘local’ automation development, without needing to resort to screen scraping or surface automation. This not only reduces development time when compared with surface automation but also increases the robustness of the processes and reduces maintenance and support.

IA-Connect also addresses the security issues of cloud-based RPA automation by providing a bridge between the Software Robots and the desktop or published application session on the Citrix or Remote Desktop server. In this way, IA-Connect enables users to ‘reach through’ the virtual session to perform automations. The result is claimed to be an entirely secure, more straightforward path to RPA automation from the cloud.

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