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Uncompetitive mobile market costs SMEs £1 billion

UK SMEs are spending £1 billion more than they need to on mobile telephony, claims bill analysis and mobile price comparison service Billmonitor.

According to its new report, An investigation into the B2B mobile provider ‘Wild West’, just one in ten SMEs gets a fair deal, with the price differential between the cheapest and most expensive provider for an average SME customer being as much as 16.3%.

Billmonitor founder Dr Stelios Koundouros said: “It is staggering that in a market so critical for businesses, there isn’t oversight to prevent SMEs falling victim to what is becoming its own ‘Wild West’. We call on the CMA to investigate the business telecoms market, to take over the job Ofcom seems to show little interest in doing, despite Billmonitor’s three year-long pleas, and to ensure SMEs of all sizes get a fair deal when procuring a mobile provider. ”

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