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Unwanted Tech Hardware

Circular IT provider Stone Group has saved over half a million items
of unwanted tech hardware from going to landfill thanks to the Stone 360 app. Created to help organisations arrange for the disposal of unwanted IT assets, the app has been downloaded by 11,000 businesses across the UK and is regularly used by 3,000 organisations with a combined workforce of over 4 million. Stone Group is shortly to introduce a new version that helps users meet electronic waste disposal rules by classifying any items that contain hazardous substances or persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and by identifying those that can be successfully refurbished. Any used monitors, laptops, desktops, printers, servers or other items that can’t be refurbished are broken down to their core components and recycled, ensuring nothing ends up in landfill. Organisations using the Stone 360 app receive a rebate for any items that can be salvaged, which they can cash in or boost by 20% when procuring new or refurbished IT hardware from Stone. From this month onwards, Stone’s IT asset disposal (ITAD) facility in Staffordshire will operate 24×7 to keep up with demand for its recycling services.

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