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Varlink box clever with the Bedal from ParcelKiosk

Varlink have for a long time been supplying cutting edge technology which helps to develop and support businesses as they grow. Recently they identified a gap in the market and have partnered with ParcelKiosk to help solve a growing issue for businesses in the UK.

Worldwide shipping carriers are now factoring in the dimensions of a parcel when calculating how much to charge for shipping. It’s being introduced in Europe and will soon be moving into the UK. Shipping costs are now calculated by weight or by dimensional weight and it is important to know the difference or your business is at risk of incurring additional shipping costs and surcharges.

Dimensional weight is calculated by L x W x H / 5000 and if this number is higher than the overall weight of your parcel you will be charged for the dimensional weight instead of the overall weight. This means you would be charged extra if you ship a parcel on the basis of its weight when the dimensional weight is higher.

Varlink are now working with ParcelKiosk to bring the Bedal Shipping Solution to their customers.

“We’re excited about this partnership and strongly believe in Varlink’s ability to deliver on our growth initiatives. The CEP industry is fast changing and with Varlink as a supply chain partner, ParcelKiosk remain focussed on delivering innovative products and enhanced integrations.” – Rohan Mathur, CEO and Co-founder of ParcelKiosk.

Automating weight & dimension data capture increases efficiency and enables a business to remain competitive through accurate shipping calculation and protection from surcharge. The Bedal is a complete shipping solution for businesses of all sizes and is designed to integrate with a range of warehouse applications and carrier shipping solutions. Bedal delivers positive results from the beginning.

Bedal ensures that weight and dimensions are calculated accurately to protect businesses from error and potential surcharges.

Mike Pullon, CEO at Varlink Ltd, said that “Many of our customers specialise in providing Transport, Logistics and Warehousing solutions. ParcelKiosk’s Bedal provides an opportunity for them to supply their customers with a cost-effective solution for parcel weight and dimensioning which is designed to integrate with a range of warehouse applications and carrier shipping solutions.”

Get more precise shipping costs and protect your business from surcharges with the Bedal from ParcelKiosk at Varlink Ltd.

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